Friday, December 19, 2014

Positive outlook for the UK construction industry

Prospects for the construction industry are reasonably optimistic according to AMA’s latest Construction and Housing Forecast Bulletin.

Published last December, the Quarterly Bulletin indicates that housebuilding is the main driver of sector growth, with current  forecasts indicating increases in value of 22% and 16%  in 2014 and 2015 respectively. New housing starts are forecast to grow by over 10% in 2015 with medium term prospects set to be driven by Government policy changes in 2016-2018.

Prospects for non-residential construction are more moderate and varied. Office construction is bouncing back from the severe downturn in work in 2009-12, with growth of over 25% in 2013/14 and further steady growth forecast for 2015-18, while education construction work has proved more resilient in 2014 than anticipated. Entertainment and leisure construction is also buoyant and currently worth over £6 billion per annum.

The bulletin is published four times a year and provides a quarterly review of the overall non-residential and residential new build and RMI sectors, containing the very latest statistics and information, together with medium and longer term forecasts updated to take account of recent developments. The next issue of the Construction and Housing Forecast Bulletin is due out at the end of February 2015. For more information or to subscribe to the bulletin, please click on this link or contact us on

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