Thursday, June 02, 2016

FM Outsourcing – Health and Education Market - Key Facts

  1.  The market value for outsourced integrated services and TFM in health and education is expected to grow by 17% through to 2019.
  2. The penetration of FM outsourcing within healthcare is estimated at around 30%, with outsourcing generally higher for ‘soft’ services.
  3. FM outsourcing within the education sector is less well established, at 20-25%.
  4. Catering accounts for a significant portion of FM expenditure in education, representing 15-20% of the overall market.
  5. Bundled services in the Mental Health & Learning Trusts represent only 14% of the total service provision.
These facts have been extracted from AMA Research's report 'Facilities Management Outsourcing Market Report – UK 2015-2019 Analysis ', available from or by calling 01242 235724. 

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