Monday, November 07, 2016

Prefabricated Volumetric Buildings Market Report - UK 2016-2020 - Key Facts

  • The market for pre-fabricated buildings was estimated to have grown by 27% since 2010.
  • It is estimated that permanent volumetric building systems accounted for 40-45% of the total market by value at MSP.
  • The healthcare sector is one of the more significant end use areas with 12-15% of the prefabricated market.
  • Within the event hire sector, toilets and shower blocks account for 25-30% of uses.
  • The top 5 suppliers account for 70% of the market.

These facts have been extracted from AMA Research's report 'Prefabricated Volumetric Buildings Market Report - UK 2016-2020 Analysis', available from or by calling 01242 235724.

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