Monday, January 23, 2017

Private Residential Rental Market - UK 2016-2020 - Key Facts

  • There has been sustained growth in the private rented sector (PRS) over the last decade, nearly doubling since 2002 to reach around 19% of all households.
  • The level of mortgaged home-ownership in London has fallen from 39% in 2004 to 27% in 2014.
  • Within the residential sector, PRS stock is expected to reach a value of around £1.07 trillion in 2016.
  • The PRS development pipeline is still relatively immature with around 37,450 units in progress, however this figure is expected to rise as growth continues.
  • Currently around 18% of Birmingham's population is in the PRS, but compared with the rest of England, the city has a relatively young age structure reflecting a large student population.

These facts have been extracted from AMA Research's report 'Private Residential Rental Market Report - UK 2016-2020 Analysis', available from or by calling 01242 235724

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