Monday, April 10, 2017

Builders Merchants Market - Europe 2016-2020 - Key Facts

  • There has been good growth in the West European Builders Merchant Market over the last 2 years with value growth of 6% from 2014-16.
  • Significant variations in the definition of 'builders merchants' exist across the 12 countries examined, with many countries having specialists addressing either the lightside or heavyside sector.
  • Germany, Italy and France were estimated to account for combined 63% value share in 2015 with the rest of the market spread across 9 other countries.
  • Market structures have continued to change with increasing influence and expansion policies of the larger multi-national groups such as Saint-Gobain, Grafton, CRH and Wolseley.
  • Merchant organisation share varies considerably between individual countries, with direct supply, buying groups and other retail channels providing significant competition in some countries.

These facts have been extracted from AMA Research's report 'Builders Merchants Market - Europe 2016-2020 Analysis', available from or by calling 01242 235724

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