Monday, December 18, 2017

Mechanical & Electrical Contractors Market - 5 Key Facts

  • The market for mechanical and electrical (M&E) contracting has grown by almost 24% since 2012. 
  • The largest sectors for M&E contracting work is offices, with an estimated 25% of the market by value.
  • London and the South East of England had the largest proportion of M&E contracting activity in 2016, accounting for 29% of the total. 
  • Electrical work accounts for 50% of all the work undertaken by M&E contractors. 
  • There are essentially four tiers of the market, with around 68% of revenue generated by smaller local and regional contractors with a turnover of up to £20m, and just 8% by the leading 5 organisations.
These facts have been extracted from AMA Research's 'Mechanical and Electrical Contractors Market Report - UK 2017-2021 Analysis' available for purchase now. 

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