Friday, February 06, 2015

Floorcoverings market in the UK estimated to be worth £1.8bn

The overall market for floorcoverings is mature, with growth dependent on strong consumer and business confidence, a healthy housing market and buoyant economy. According to AMA Research, the UK floorcoverings market was worth an estimated £1.8bn in 2014, representing value growth of 2% from 2013. A significant decline in 2008-11 has been followed by relatively moderate, but steady, improvement between 2012 and 2014.

This has been the result of an improving economic climate, a recovering housing market and rise in business confidence and levels of investment. The market, which is heavily reliant on replacement and refurbishment, was also buoyed by insurance repairs and replacement of floorcoverings after the floods during 2013-14 in some areas of the UK.

Demand in 2014 has also been driven more strongly by the contract sector, particularly offices, leisure/entertainment applications, where business sentiment remains relatively high. Continuing pressure on margins and average prices has meant that there has been further change to the supply structure in the UK, with further rationalisation of production facilities.

Carpet still dominates the floorcovering product mix, accounting for over 50% in value terms in 2014, a share that has changed only marginally over the last 5 years, but at least indicates the slide in share has stabilised. Wood accounts for around 15% of the market, followed by vinyl, tiles and other floorcoverings.

Demand for laminates has remained relatively flat, although demand is being boosted by a move away from low value entry level products, with greater concentration on mid-upper value sectors – while solid and engineered woods remain popular. Vinyl products have performed relatively well. Luxury vinyl tiles have continued to take share of both the domestic and contract market and ongoing product developments have included higher-specification coatings, improved slip resistance and formats such as loose lay.

A key factor in the market recovery of floorcoverings is the rate of recovery in private sector housebuilding and private sector non-residential construction output into the medium-term. Housebuilding volumes are increasing, while office construction and fit-out are also enjoying strong growth.

Consumer confidence and spending on higher value durables has been hit by the downturn, but both have improved in 2014 and are expected to continue in 2015 – particularly as real incomes are finally starting to rise reflecting the impact of lower fuel prices and inflation and ongoing stabilisation of employment prospects and the underlying economy. Given this background, annual growth for the total floorcoverings market is currently forecast at around 2–3% over the next few years.

“Heavy competition is likely to remain a key characteristic of all flooring sectors into the medium-term, with margins likely to remain under pressure” said Andrew Hartley, Director of AMA Research. “In terms of the supply structure, it is likely that UK manufacturing will be subject to further challenges in terms of production facilities, while in the wider European flooring market there is likely to be further consolidation as the emerging floorcoverings ‘super specialists’ continued to widen their product ranges.”

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