Tuesday, July 25, 2017

High-Rise Construction Sector - UK 2016-2025 - Key Facts

  • There are 500 high-rise buildings across the UK in the development pipeline, of which around 437 (87%) are in London. 
  • Around 70% of high-rise buildings currently under construction or under consideration across the UK are primarily residential, but with an element of mixed-use, e.g. retail, community or leisure.
  • Elsewhere in the UK, over 60 high-rise buildings are in the development pipeline, of which around 32% are currently under construction.
  • In terms of UK regional schemes, the majority of high-rise buildings are clustered in key cities such as Birmingham (11%), Liverpool (17%), Manchester (43%) and Salford (19%).
  • In both the UK and across the world, there has been a big rise in the number of residential and mixed-use towers. Just 15 years ago, towers were predominantly built for the office market; they now make up just 5% of the current development pipeline.

These facts have been extracted from AMA Research's report 'Construction in the High-Rise Buildings Market Report - UK 2016-2020 Analysis', available from www.amaresearch.co.uk or by calling 01242 235724.

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