Friday, September 25, 2015

#1 – Searching or browsing the entire report library

The new version of AMA Research Interactive offers an improved search function to make it easier to navigate through to reports you may be interested in. Typing in a keyword should automatically bring up the reports of interest to you - the system automatically searches inside reports as well as report titles and keywords.

Advanced filter options include:

  • Search by report category/sector – i.e. bathroom, furniture etc.
  • Search by publication date/age of report.
  • Search by content type – i.e. figures, tables or text.
  • Search by status – normal, archived or coming soon.

You can easily browse the most recent reports on the ‘New Reports’ tab on the home page, and in the drop-down menu you can see your recently viewed reports.

Other chapters in this article series include:

AMA Research Interactive - More than just a delivery platform
#1 – Searching or browsing the entire report library
#2 – Managing personal details and resetting your password
#3 - Translating reports into another language
#4 – Exporting table data into MS Excel
#5 – Exporting the web version of the report into MS Word
#6 – Creating custom reports
#7 – Viewing and downloading historical data and previous editions

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